Die Hard Ventilation Ornament

Die Hard Ventilation Ornament

So I made us a Die Hard Ventilation Ornament. Because Die Hard is, as we all know, one of the greatest Christmas movies ever.

I got the idea from this post. But there weren’t any instructions. So here are some quick instructions on how I did it with a file to print out.

First take some aluminum foil and spray glue it to a piece of cardboard. Do it shiny side down… so the dull side is showing. Then cut this into a rectangle. It doesn’t matter how big it is but when it’s folded it should be around 2″ high and 2.5″ wide. I had about 4 “corrugated sections” between each fold.

Poke a hole in the cardboard for the Christmas tree light to go through. Keep in mind the hole should be somewhere near the front and also to the right side (as you’re looking into the tube). John’s hand with the lighter will be in front of the hole.

Print out the file you downloaded from above. Spray glue this onto a thinner piece of cardboard — or print it on card stock. Then cut out his body, hand and head. The top of his head should be cut flat as well as the bottom of his “arm” where the hand will go in front of. John’s “left hand” should bend a bit in front of him when you close him up into the vent.

NOTE: If you’re using it the way I did with the light on the tree as John’s lighter flame then cut the flame off of the hand as well.

Use some tape to secure John’s body and his hand into the ventilation duct. Again, the hand should go in front of the hole and the body should go at a slight angle with the arm that’s holding the lighter — John’s “left” arm — closer to the hole.

NOTE: It is appropriate, but not required, to use “Duct tape” for this.

Tape John’s head to the “top” of the ventilation duct and close it all up. I wrapped it with white Duct tape to finish it off but you can do whatever you want. Then mount it on the tree by pushing a Christmas light through the hole.

Yippee Ki Yay, Merry Christmas!